Can you set the Tags for an Idea using REST?

If you create an Idea manually it allows you to set the tags.

But when using REST, there is no Tags parameter.

Q1: Can someone confirm that this is accurate, that Create Idea doesn't allow you to set the tags?  I just wanted to double check and make sure that there isn't some undocumented parameter.

Q2: And, if not, are there any plans to add a parameter for tags?


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  • Is that how it works?  Or am I just dreaming?

    Yes, that's how it works. Different sets of tags (we also support different sets of comments, ratings, bookmarks, likes, etc).

    There is not documentation on this, it's a very low-level feature. The TypeId is to be known by the application making use of it. There is no automatically generated UI for typed service usage, it requires UI extensions (though our UI components support specifying the type for basic editing of typed service data).