Outlook, Bullets and Posting by Email

Posting by email from Outlook has always been a little challenging, but since upgrading to 10.1.6 (from 8.5) I find that if you use bullets in Outlook and send the email in HTML format, the Microsoft markup is not removed. It is displayed in the post and it is also included in the email notifications. See the screenshots below.

The Post online

The Notification email

On the other hand you can have Outlook use Rich Text formatting. In that case the post online actually looks OK. But the email notification is missing the bullets and the indentation altogether. See the screenshots below.

The Post online

The Notification email

This is causing a bit of frustration with users and I am pretty well stuck since Outlook is company wide and posting by email is the preferred method for most users. Is Outlook supposed to be a supported for post by email?

Is there anything I should be doing differently to avoid this problem or is this something that could be fixed with plugins? If plugins, can you point me to the right integration points and some tips on what to look for and replace?

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