Blog Comments in Activity Story Stream

In 10.1.6, I have noted that on the user's profile Activity page that the Activity Story Stream will display forum posts that the user has replied to. However it does not show blog posts that the user has commented on. The widget is configured to show Blog posts, just as it is configured to show Forum posts. Why does it show responses to forums but not blogs? Or is there something I am missing? 

  • I understand the confusion and suggest adding an idea to the product ideas and improvements list ( ) to resolve this.

    I think the original decision was centered around authorship and responsibility. A blog has a primary author who has a bit more authority in the discussion and is emphasized, so supplemental comments were not considered adding to the story/item of the blog. A thread, on the other hand, is generally a group authored/resolved topic that with the replies represents a complete story, so replies are included in it. Now that comments and forum replies look more similar (with comment/reply threading), the difference is less obvious and may benefit from standardization.