Tag Cloud for Blog Post

Per the Telligent 10 - Tag Cloud documentation out of the box the Tag Cloud Widget doesn't contextually filter link results at the Blog Post level (when you drill in and view a blog post). E.g., dropping the Tag Cloud widget onto a Blog Post level page renders all of the Tags associated to the Application.

Is it possible via configuration or another approach that is simpler and less time consuming than for example copying the widget and modifying to render only the tags applied to the blog post?

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  • The "Blog - Details" widget shows tags for the current blog post. A tag cloud for 1 item wouldn't be a cloud anymore--it'd be a list of equally weighted tags--and would be effectively the same as "Blog - Details". Or are you asking for a cloud relative to the blog so the weighting is with respect to all posts in the blog, but only tags used by the current post are shown?