Telligent 10 /administration not loading

We're upgrading from 8.x to 10.x. When we point the filestorage connectionString to our existing 8.x filestorage directory, we get a blank /administration page, even though the front-end loads fine. There don't seem to be any relevant errors in the cs_exceptions table. 

Note that our existing filestorage in on another server:

<add name="FileStorage" connectionString="\\servername\filestorage"/>

When we set the filestorage back to the default 10.x ~/filestorage/ directory, the administration section starts loading.

Any ideas what the problem is?


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  • It is very important that the filestorage folder be configured before you first access the community. It is on the first access of a newly upgraded site that necessary files are installed into the filestorage folder. If you had originally accessed the site with the default 10.x filestorage folder and then adjusted the configuration, the files will not be re-installed and necessary files will not exist in your 8.x filestorage folder.

    If the upgrade is recent, you could just perform the upgrade again (starting with the 8.x version of the database). If the site has been in use for a while (or you don't have the 8.x database), I can provide instructions to force the file installation process to run again.