Telligent Analytics stop working after Community upgrade to 10.1.6


For some reason after upgrade to 10.1.6 Telligent Analytics plugin and widgets are gone after upgrade. It was working fine before the upgrade.

Here’s what we have:

  • We use Telligent Analytics v.4.1

  • Telligent.Analytics.dll and PostScript.dll was moved into web/bin folder during upgrade;



  • Telligent Analytics plugin and widgets cannot be found in Admin panel:


  • Analytics DB connection string is present in connectionString.config;
  • ETL task connectionStrings.dtsconfig configuration remains the same;
  • ETL task is failing to run with error code 10668:


Removing/adding back Telligent.Analytics.dll to/from web/bin folder and restarting app pool not fixing a problem and no Analytics plugin could be found.

Are there any steps I’m missing to enable Analytics after upgrade?

Any suggestions how I can troubleshoot this?

 Thanks, Vitaliy.

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