How can I award points when a user replyies to a question? 10.X

Hey Community! I'm pretty new to Telligent and am trying to create different rules to award members for various behaviors. Currently, I am trying to create a system to award 2 points to users who reply to a question within the thread of a forum. In creating the logic for the rule, here is what I have so far:

When I try to test the rule by having a user reply to a question, however, no points are being awarded to the user. I'm guessing I might be missing something in my If logic; or further down something is not right within the Award to user or Associated content boxes. I am still trying to figure out the Telligent system so any help would be much appreciated and very much needed. Thanks!

  • Do you want to award points to the thread author or the reply author? Right now, it's setup to award points to the author of the thread (to which the reply is added).

    Also, you should likely associate the points awarded to the forum reply as content and not the forum reply author as content. The content this is associated with is the reply (that's the reason for the awarding of points), not that the author of the reply exists.

  • That worked perfectly :) And your explanation makes sense. In making this rule my purpose was to reward points to the reply author. My next step, however, was to create another rule to reward points to the thread author so thanks for helping answer what probably would have been my next question!

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