Customers complaining about silence of notifications

Hi all,

I asked one of our super users in the last 30 days if he had any feedback and the one thing he said is how he doesn't receive any notifications anymore. I noticed that OOTB even if the members are auto-added as members to groups, there are no notifications automatically turned on. When I think about my user experience, I like that I've been able to choose which groups to follow and get notifications from, but in our case we auto-add our members to a select number of groups so I definitely want them to have their notifications turned ON first then dial it down from there.

How do I make this happen?

In the meantime... I think I have to send an email out to our roles to adjust their settings to get the emails they want, but as a new user comes in I need them to update their settings asap so I need this.

Has anyone come across the same issue? Have you fixed it with a script? Workaround?

*disclaimer: this really is more of a discussion, but I'll verify some answers that might address this!

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