Is there some kind of SHARE widget to make it easy for viewers to share content to other social platforms?

We'd like to make it easier for folks to view content on any page and easily share it to other sites or email, etc. Is there an OOTB widget or toggle somewhere that would enable this?

Or is the best way to accomplish this using something like Sumo which allows you to simply drop a JS snippet in the footer, and have the social icons appear for sharing.


  • We typically use a 3rd party for this (ShareThis, AddThis, etc.) just as you mentioned.  Depending on where the customer wants the icons to show will determine where we put the code as some show along the side while others are meant to show inline on the page.  I have seen some implementations where the JavaScript is added to the Raw HTML Header (Top) section of the Social theme.

    All in all you're on the right track with your thoughts on Sumo.

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