Emojis in email notifications

In 10.1 emojis do not display on email notifications of posts. This looks a bit strange when someone comments with just a thumbs up and then you get an email with a blank message.

  • Our emoticons render as svg files, due to spotty support for svg in email clients we currently do not render them in emails.  We do have an open bug to address this, but it has not currently been taken for a release.


  • Thank you. While I have you on the topic of emails. If you have reply notifications enabled in administration and a user replies to a thread, is it expected behavior that they will receive notifications of all other replies to that thread regardless if they are replies to their comment or others. We would like users to get replies to their post but not automatically get emails with replies to other people's comments unless they subscribe to the thread as a whole.

    For example:

    Bob: Please join our event.

       -Sally: looking forward to it.

               -George: I'll be there too.

        -Sam: I can't make it

    In this case we would want Bob to see all replies and Sally to see George's but not Sam's. Make sense?

  • We don't offer that option out of the box, but a plugin could be written to listen for new replies and send out emails to the author of the parent reply.   Would probably want to check that author wasn't subscribed to the thread so they don't get double emails.  A new notification type (email) would probably also be needed, since the subscription email is specific about it being sent due to the subscription.

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    0 Telligent Community 3 months ago
    TE-5590: Emoticons not included in email alert has been completed for 11.0.0