Is there a poll vote type?

I'm attempting to voting information to the context of a rule (RuleTriggerExecutionContext). I need to be able to get the date that a vote was cast in a poll. What type do I need to pass in order to be able to get that same info from the context in a token? If there's not a supporting type, is there a way to pass a single value (i.e. using the PollVoteEventArgs)?

public RuleTriggerExecutionContext GetExecutionContext(RuleTriggerData data)
			var context = new RuleTriggerExecutionContext();
			var userId = int.Parse(data["UserId"]);
			var threadContentId = Guid.Parse(data["ContentId"]);
            var voteId = int.Parse(data["VoteId"]);
            var voteDate = DateTime.Parse(data["VoteDate"]);

			context.Add(Apis.Get<Users>().ContentTypeId, Apis.Get<Users>().Get(new UsersGetOptions() { Id = userId }));
			context.Add(Apis.Get<IForumThreads>().ContentTypeId, Apis.Get<IForumThreads>().Get(threadContentId));
            context.Add(Guid.Parse("41f4bfd9-c2eb-4638-9a47-aa7d471730aa"), Apis.Get<IForumReplyVotes>().Get(voteId));
            context.Add(Guid.Parse("beea2e25 - a716 - 44c8 - aeaa - 2d2853f6af0f"), voteDate);
            return context;

		public void SetController(IRuleController controller)
			_ruleController = controller;

		private void PollEvent_OnVote(PollVoteEventArgs vote)
			var data = new Dictionary<string, string>
				{"UserId", vote.VotingUserId.ToString() },
				{"ContentId", vote.ContentId.ToString() },
                {"VoteId", vote.Id.ToString() },
                {"VoteDate", vote.CreatedDate.ToString() }


// Token
tokenController.Register(new TokenizedTemplateToken(
    context => // How to get the voteDate from the rule?


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