Multiple pages in a group

 In JiveX we were able to create multiple pages within a space/Group.

I've seen that Telligent, like Jive, allows us to create groups and subgroups, but I'm wondering if there's some way to create multiple pages within a group.

Here's an example, in Jive:

  • Notice the tabs for the different pages.
  • It's kind of like a micro site within a group/subgroup

I don't expect Telligent to work exactly like this but I'm wondering if there is a similar solution or workaround to allow me to create several pages within one group.

Looking forward to any thoughts or ideas!

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  • Hi Cody,

    Yes you can do this by configuring the Group Banner widget, clicking "Add" underneath the list of Navigation Items, Selecting "Content Page" from the Link Type dropdown, start typing the name of your page in the Page text box and then selecting your page. You can also add a Label to show in the navigation if you want something different to the page name.

    Hope this helps,