Management Panel renderPanel core script question

I am adding to my community site a dynamic header and this header has a "form" where we do a AJAX call to another site request from my company.

There is this RenderPanel JS script from the "core" functionality which seems to not be accesible through widgets or anything and is appending the "dynamic" visible manage panel to the left side on the "first" form.

This is causing issues because I am applying some custom CSS to the content on this form and is hiding the panel and not showing it on the page anymore.

core Script sample from the community "hidden" js:

function renderPanel(context, options) {

		// init container if not inited
		if(!context.container) {
			context.container = $($.telligent.evolution.template.compile(context.panelContainerTemplateId)()).appendTo('form').first();

EDIT: is there anyway to change this script? and update the "form" to a more specific telligent one?

  • This is not the only script that has a dependency on a single <form /> tag existing on the page. If the purpose of the new <form /> is to issue a post request via AJAX, why not use a direct AJAX request perhaps on a CORS-enabled remote site? This would prevent the need for the <form />.

  • I dont have control over this form, this "search"/html section is returned from another CORS request because it dynamic and controlled by another admin (We have a centralized code to manage navigation and certain page designs).

    why not make this functionality specific to your form, this means that I can not have multiform page rendering in telligent?

  • In a future version, it will be specific to the form because it makes these types of integrations difficult, however, we currently have a dependency on ASP.Net WebForms rendering for legacy support which prefers only having a single <form/> element on the page (and the underlying framework depends on it being the first and/or only <form />).

  • Thanks for your reply Ben, then I will see what I can do to fix my issue, do you have an ETA on when will this version might be available?

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