How to display email of Group Access Requestor to Owner

We have a lot of Private Listed and Public Closed groups. In those two types a person needs to request access to a group. We do not display emails anywhere in our system but in this case the Owner needs to see the email the Requestor is using to request access.

There are 2 moments an Owner is notified

  1. Notification bar (Live alert)
  2. Notification mail

The owner then goes to the request page and sees the request

So we have 3 touch points where it should be possible to expose the email.  In the past we used ON PREM and we were able to trick some backend process exposing the email during the request and show it in the Request Page but only to the Group Owner.

Now we are Cloud based an I am looking for help/tips on how to expose the email to a group owner. Preferably on the Request Page but otherwise in the Notification(s)

  • Users need the Manage Membership permission to see another users private email address.  The only workaround would be a custom notification and disable the OOTB notification, but it is not recommended as it is a privacy issue.

  • Understand that. However my adoption goes down the drain as Group Owners are not willing to work with Telligent if they cannot determine who they are letting in. Is there not a creative alternative?

    It is a bit too much to give all group owners admin rights to Telligent and go in the backend to find out the email

  • In Manage Membership they see the User Name, not the email

  • Not admin rights, manage membership rights, or we call them membership administrators.   This is the lowest level of security allowed to access private member data other than a user accessing their own.

    You can create a customization that impersonates such a user to show this information, but we do not recommend this as you would be  bypassing security meant to protect a user's private information.

  • The use case is

    WHEN a request for access is triggered
    IF user is Group Owner
    THEN show NAME and EMAIL in the Request Pane

    OR show email in the Notification Mail

    OR both

  • Agree, that is tricky and won't 'hold up in court'. On prem we built a parallel webservice to the database but in the cloud that is not possible. 

    Still, I am sure I am not the only customer having this problem. This is the second time I implement Telligent and the reactions are a carbon copy. "How do I know this person? Who is Alicia? I do not know Alicia. Where can i see the email because even if I know her, she can only come in with a certain email"

  • The private email is located on the settings tab in administration when viewing the user.

  • I understand the use case, but this assumes group owners are privileged enough to view personally identifiable information, which from a platform perspective is a user's choice outside of users who can generally manage the membership of the site.

    Users can choose to provide a publicly facing email address in their profile if the field is made available, which is in essence consenting to the sharing of the information

  • I have to agree with @Wilfried Rijsemus that there should be a way for group owners to see the email address of a user requesting access. You just have to make sure you confirm with the user that they know they are sharing their registered email address with a discrete list of group owners at most. This new functionality would allow for a happier set of group owners on my community...

    We run beta groups for new products and set them to private so we can be selective about who posts in the group. We make the beta manager the group owner. Normally the beta manager emails a set of people about the beta from another system. For example, something as simple as Outlook using the BCC line to keep the recipients from seeing who else has been emailed. It depends on the size and complexity of the beta and EAP.


    • The beta manager will have decided who to invite using the person's email address as the key to identifcation.
    • This set of people may not have registered on the community yet.
    • The beta participant's email address is the unique identifier the beta manager *wants to use* to confirm the requester is the same person they originally emailed.

    When a beta participant requests access, and the beta manager sees only the username, the manager cannot make a decision as to whether or not the user should be allowed access. If the manager is expecting '' to join but only sees 'Wookiee74' (cool, but not helpful right now) the manager cannot confirm the access and the process stalls - it's not smooth.

    1. Option 1 could be to change the beta process and have the beta manager email all beta participants and ask for their username and then add or invite these users to the group as members. This lowers adoption and creates a barrier. The set of email addresses may total hundreds. The beta manager has a thousand things to do at this phase and needs the system to help them.

    2. Option 2 should be to change the request access page and insert a confirmation prompt that their email address will be shown to the current set of group owners (listed for inspection by the requester). The user positively selects 'I agree' and the button to request access is enabled. This would allow the beta manager to do whatever they want as a process to get the beta participant to request access. They then only have to approve the requests as them come in by comparing the email address to the list of recognizable addresses they originally emailed. To the manager this process makes more sense to them.

    If Telligent implemented an unticked checkbox then the customer must actively confirm their consent and, if they do, sharing is OK. Example (picture always helps):

  • That is a very elegant solution. That would REALLY solve the problem. Big kudos for this idea. Right now I have hard won Group Owners abandoning Telligent because they cannot judge who is requesting access.