10.1.4: Favicon keeps reverting to default

After upgrading to 10.1.4, we're having a terrible time getting our favicon.ico to persist in the Social theme. I go to Site root > Control Panel > Manage User Theme > Manage Site Theme > Edit this Theme > Supplementary Files, upload our custom favicon.ico, publish, and the favicon.ico is updated. Yay!—oh, wait. A few minutes later, the theme reverts right back to the OOTB favicon.ico! Don't get me wrong, the Telligent favicon is okay, but I'd really like to use our own favicon.ico file. Slight smile

What causes theme files to refresh like that? We have two load-balanced web nodes using the same application files (synced through DFS-R) and our CFS is on a shared UNC path. 

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  • 10.2 introduced Theme Studio, which enables a theme to define not only all of its assets, but also the configuration options that it makes available to site administrators and group owners and then consumes in the themes' definitions. Those options are exposed in the front UI.

    The default theme in 10.2 (and 10.3) defines configuration options for configuring the favicon, accessible along with all other theme options in (pencil icon) > Manage Site Theme > Theme Options. That particular option is under the "Logo" tab in Theme Options.

    If it's a custom theme or potentially an upgraded/migrated theme from pre-10.2, those options may not be exposed in order to maintain upgrade safety with previous UI customizations. In that case, check out the theme's definition. Themes' definitions (whether customized or not) are available for editing in (pencil icon) > Administration > Interface > Themes. 

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