HTMLSanitation in 10.1

I have a number of things added in my 8.5 platform in the HTMLSanitation area. I am working on the upgrade to 10.1 and my configurations are not being used. Based on this documentation page,, it looks like it should still work. 

In 8.5 I have the changes in the communityserver-override file. This document talks about them being in the communityserver file itself. I have tried both without success. I also noted that in an OOTB installation there aren't any HTMLSanitation configuration entries in the communityServer config file. 

Where did this configuration move to? Or what am I doing wrong? 

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  • But will that actually allow code in existing posts to be handled correctly if they are ever edited? I suspect not. 

    No, unfortunately, it will not. Once you have the plugin implemented and embed a video and then view the source in the editor, it may be possible to run a schema patch to update old video references to use the format of the new embed type (the URLs and reference to the embed type are serialized into the post body).

    Once you have the plugin setup, ping me and I can help with the clean-up of existing data.