Issue using files uploaded to CFS via REST

I am able to upload a file via the CFS REST endpoint, per info that I received from HERE.  The result of which lis below.

    "UploadedFile": {
        "UploadContextId": "3b8e7a1a-e2ea-43e2-b69d-8fff54426ddf",
        "DownloadUrl": "",
        "TotalChunks": 1,
        "CurrentChunk": 1,
        "FileName": "test.png"
    "Errors": null

The problem is that the URL returned doesn't work.  If you go to it in a web browser it goes to a Telligent page that says, "Unfortunately, the page you've requested no longer exists. Please use the search form above to locate the information you're interested in."

And using this URL when creating a new content item via REST (using the content syntax below) results in a broken image in the content.

Body: '<p>This is a TEST</p><p>[View:]</p>',

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?  Or perhaps this is an indication that the CFS isn't properly configured?


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