Deploying on Azure

 Installing on Azure. When I first tried to run the site I got a few thousand errors. Many were plugin errors, but the two that seemed most significant were:

  1. One that said the site was currently over its licensed number of servers.
  2. Another that indicated the file store wasn’t designated.

I’m not sure how to deal with the license issue.

For the second, the instructions for Azure weren’t clear (to me). They say:

“Edit the communityserver_override.config file in the Telligent Community web package and un-comment the 2 override nodes for the filestoragegroup.”

It doesn’t mention you need to add the current file storage name/location. Maybe that should have been obvious, but it doesn’t mention it. It’s obvious now! I’m not quite sure how to edit it however. Is there an example? There’s an example for using a CDN, but not for using Azure storage.

I fixed those things in the communityserver_override.config file, but then got the error there was no default filestorage designated in the main communityserver.config file. So it seems like the override file isn't overriding ;=)

So I put the filestorage name in the communityserver.config files. That eliminated most of the errors, but the site will still not run.

Now I'm getting the following errors in cs_eceptions (which causes an "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error:

An error occurred while initializing the plugin: Telligent.Evolution.Components.ThemeFilesFileStore
An error occurred while loading the plugin: Telligent.Evolution.Api.Content.Core.UserContentType
An error occurred while loading the plugin: Telligent.Evolution.Components.FileInstallationPlugin
An error occurred while registering tokens in the plugin: 'Telligent.Evolution.Api.Plugins.TokenizedTemplates.GlobalTokens'.
Error registering Urls for plugin 'Administrative Panel Service Plugin'
There was an error indexing content ('Groups').