Admin panel navigation

I am creating an Admin Panel widget by implementing IScriptablePlugin and IAdministrationPanel. I would like to have two screens for this panel. First screen will display a list of items and the second screen will display the item in create/edit mode. My question is, how can I navigate between these two UIs when I am in admin panel ?

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  • It appears that the documentation for the administration client-side API is not currently available, so I'll answer your question here while we get that published:

    You can open a sub-panel from the parent panel by calling:

    	cssClass: 'wrapper-css-class-for-subpanel-specific-styling',
    	name: 'title of the sub-panel',
    	content: $.telligent.evolution.get({
    		url: context.callbackUrlToDynamicallyLoadSubPanelContent
    	loaded: function() { 
    	    /* called when the panel is loaded, panel-specific events are also fired */

    The content parameter can either be a callback promise or a static HTML string to render as the content of the sub-panel.