"Load Next" and "Load Previous"

In version 10.X, when using a link directly to a forum reply (such as from an email alert), you will often see multiple "load previous" links above the reply, and multiple "load next" links below the reply. Based on information from Telligent's developers, we understand that this is working as designed, but we have some concerns:

1) Most of the time, the links/buttons do nothing; clicking them just makes them go away and no additional content is loaded. Why display them, if there is no content to load? Telligent says this is WAD and is not receptive to making a change.

2) In cases where the links do load additional content, they tend to cause confusion. First, the default link is not obvious and very easily overlooked. We made a change to the site to make them colored and more obvious, but this still leads to confusion when the person reading the thread does not realize that there are more replies. 

3) Even if the person reading the thread notices the "load next" / "load previous", its extra clicks and work needed to just read the discussion. We were told how this is mainly due to performance concerns with very long threads, but this behavior occurs regardless of the size/length of the thread. There should be a way to always display all content (no load next/previous links) for threads under a certain number of replies for example, but Telligent has not been receptive to any changes.

Does anyone else on 10.X share these concerns?