Staying Current with Telligent is Important ... here's why

Telligent is committed to building incredible products and continues to thrive with our customers support! We'll be blogging about a wide variety of topics that will help explain how we work with our customers, work with the product, and tips about how to build incredible social communities!

The Customer Success team is the face of the Telligent team and are our customer's trusted advisors and internal advocates. We also help with your renewal process and make sure there are no gaps with the support you need. Let’s review what exactly makes up a renewal and take a look at what to do to help ensure you stay up to date!

Telligent has three types of renewals and the below questions apply to each:

  • Support & Maintenance renewals for perpetual licenses
  • Subscription renewals for term licenses
  • SaaS renewals

What is included in a renewal?

First, any time you happen to come across an issue or question, Telligent Support is here to help. Support channels include phone support, email support and an online community filled with product experts. Should you have any questions about our availability, severity levels, SLA’s, or product life cycle, check out our Support FAQ’s page.

Second, the ability to upgrade to any major, minor and maintenance releases of the software is included in your renewal. Renewing your contract on time, each year, ensures you continue to receive software support and bug fixes/updates without penalties or gaps in coverage.

Finally, for SaaS and Term license holders, your renewal ensures your community stays online.

What can I do to ensure a smooth renewal process?

Plan ahead.

To avoid any disruption in services, if you haven’t heard from your Customer Success Manager just yet, start preparing for your renewal at least 90 days ahead of your expiration date. If you aren’t sure of your expiration date-just ask; we’re happy to help.

Note: If you let your expiration date come and go, Telligent may charge a reinstatement fee, which is 20% of your renewal. We don’t want that - so our Customer Success Managers will reach out well in advance, just in case you need a little reminder.


Below are frequently asked questions from customers renewing their Telligent environments:

Q: Why should I renew?

A: If you let your renewal lapse, you lose out on having access to our technical support team, bug fixes, security patches, as well as minor and major upgrades. Staying up to date will ensure you have the most stable community available.

Q: I didn’t use support last year - why should I continue to renew?

A: While no support was needed last year, the following year may need additional support. Telligent does not charge extra if you need to contact support each day.

Q: What is a reinstatement fee?

A: The reinstatement fee is a late fee for customers who have not renewed prior to their expiration. Telligent asks you to renew on time to avoid any service disruption.

Q: What is back maintenance?

A: Back maintenance is the term to describe the time you missed staying up to date on your renewal, which covers from your last expiration to the time of your new renewal. During your lapse of time since the expiration date, Telligent continued developing new/existing products to ensure Telligent Community is the best around.  Since you’ve decided to now renew, you’ll be able to take advantage of the enhancements made during the time you were not current with Telligent.

Q: Who is my Customer Success Manager or how do I look them up?

A: Should you need some additional help and are unsure where to turn, you can post in our community asking to speak with your Customer Success Manager or reach out to Telligent Support. Please include your name and company, and you will receive a response.


We truly appreciate your continued investment in Telligent and look forward to working with you closely to ensure your community is successful. Thank you!