• Google MFA authentication Plugin

    One of the most important aspects of the modern internet world is security so we have recently incorporated two-factor authentication in our open source code for Telligent, in this article I'll summarize how we achieved this.
    • Wed, Aug 2 2017
  • SAML Authentication Plugin Update

    Version: 3.0.1701.18 Recently the 'SAML Authentication Plugin' project on github (https://github.com/Telligent/SAML) has been updated. Versions 3.0.1701.18 onward now properly honor the NameID attribute of the SAML token and use that va...
    • Fri, Jan 27 2017
  • Telligent Community 10.0 Developer Announcements

    With the release of Telligent Community 10.0 just around the corner we wanted to share some details about one of the larger developments efforts in this release: Assembly Restructuring. Source Reorganization In Telligent Community 10.0 we have re-or...
    • Wed, Jan 25 2017
  • Widget Studio autocompletion, immediate evaluation, and global search in Telligent Community 9.1

    Widget Studio in Telligent Community 9.1 adds support for autocompletion and documentation improvements, immediate evaluation, global search, and more.
    • Thu, Apr 7 2016
  • Adding Support for EU Cookie Consent to Telligent Community

    Earlier this week I had a conversation with one of our customers that wanted to add a cookie consent message to their community site.

    After researching this further I decided to put together a simple Telligent Community 9.0 widget that shows how to do this. The code is on GitHub and still requires some more improvements, but it does work:

    Get the EU Cookie Consent Widget on Telligent's GitHub

    What is EU Cookie Consent…

    • Fri, Mar 11 2016
  • SAML Authentication plugin available on GitHub

    We are announcing the release of another open source project to GitHub, the SAML Authentication plugin:


    SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) is an open-standard for enabling single-sign-on between your community and other applications or websites.  You can learn more about SAML here.

    Important points:

    • The SAML plugin is tested for Telligent Community 9.0.
    • The plugin extends the current…
    • Tue, Feb 16 2016
  • How to write an extensible meta data extension, to improve public community SEO

    One of the common requests we get from customers is to be able to configure metadata on their site pages, this helps with SEO and also improves the experience when a page is shared on Facebook, Twitter or any other platform that reads extended meta tags.  With the advent of Telligent version 9 there are some improvements to the blogs and media gallery to allow the author to specify some meta data but there is not a holistic…

    • Tue, Feb 9 2016
  • Developer Training for Telligent Community 9.0

    We're very excited about the release of Telligent Community 9. To help you make the most of your community, we've prepared a complete set of developer training guides and tutorials:


    This training provides specific guides and guidelines to supplement the API documentation no matter how you want to build and customize on the Telligent Community platform: via external inte…

    • Fri, Jan 29 2016
  • Creating an Oauth2 Client

    Out of the box Telligent Community comes with a selection of oAuth client providers. Your users can use LinkedIn, Facebook, Salesforce, Twitter, Google and Microsoft Live.  There are lot's of other social networks out there and sometimes you need to create a provider for one of these.  In this post I will detail how to create a oAuth provider for Strava, which is a popular cycling and running network.  Those that know…

    • Fri, Nov 27 2015
  • Using Developer Mode in Telligent Community 9.0

    Since we introduced the new widget editor and developer mode about a week ago, we've gotten some good internal and public feedback. We wanted to identify a few key changes to this functionality that resulted from that feedback.
    • Tue, Nov 24 2015
  • Telligent Community 9.0 Preview 3 and the new Widget Studio

    Preview 3 of Telligent Community 9.0 was released today and it includes some great new features for developers: the new Widget Studio and Developer Mode. Please try them out and let us know what you think.
    • Mon, Nov 16 2015
  • Splash Page Plugin

    Before I start writing about the titled topic I'd just like to firstly thank the Telligent team for inviting 4 Roads to contribute to this blog. I think it says a lot about our capabilities that we are trusted to post here, so I hope that this po...
    • Sat, Nov 7 2015
  • Introducing the .NET REST SDK

    Introducing the Telligent Community REST SDK. The Telligent Community SDK provides a quick and easy way for .NET developers to integrate third party sites with Telligent Community or to simply interact with your community data outside of the community site itself.
    • Thu, Oct 15 2015
  • Integrating with Wordpress

    When we launched the new telligent.com site we started with WordPress. It was an easy way to get a site up and running. While we eventually plan to move to Sitecore, we did want to integrate some community functionality with WordPress right awary. Specifically our trial experience that would allow people to setup trial groups in our community.

    Side-note - this also gave us an excuse to work through the APIs on a non-.NET…

    • Wed, Oct 7 2015