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Announcement: Verint partner 3sides hosts Verint Customer Micro Focus Use Case in 2 December Webinar

Webinar 2 December 2021

Certified Verint Community Partner 3sides is hosting a new series of Open Knowledge webinars. The first of that series is kicked off by Verint Customer: Micro Focus. In that webinar you will learn how Micro Focus is reaping the benefit of a long term and large scale Community operation and what results they have achieved a long the way. You will hear seasoned and senior Community Manager Raquel Winkler tell about her journey since 2009 and the various platforms used and how and why they ultimately ended up in Verint Community.  You will hear about their challenges and how they have overcome those challenges. You will see examples of their case deflection and innovation processes and which results they have achieved by doing that.

Community pioneer, 2-time former Verint Community Customer now turned Partner, Wilfried Rijsemus is hosting this event and, along with Raquel Winkler, they will answer any question you may have.

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Series history and opportunity to join the Community Leaders

This webinar is the first webinar of a new second quarterly series. In 2021 we already had a first series of 4 previous webinars with a limited set of Community Leaders. Every meeting was bigger than the previous one. We quickly realized that the content was so good that we decided to advertise this to anybody who is running a community or is thinking about running a community. 

3sides organizes the Community Leaders Forum that allows people to meet, connect and share knowledge about starting or running a community. Also the daily knowledge of 3sides is shared continuously in our channels. If you are interested in joining our Community Leaders Forum you can simply join our group of Community Leaders. We try to give back to you what we learn. It is free and will always be free.

The reasons to join are simple. 

  1. Meet and network with other Community Managers
  2. Low effort: Efficient and effective knowledge gathering
  3. Quarterly peer webinars: Real stories by real Community Managers
  4. Monthly meetups: Discuss the topics you want to discuss
  5. Access to material and people via our dedicated Slack channel
  6. Access to previous webinar materials

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