Advice for configuring a product feedback area?

Hi Everyone,

Product is wanting to start an Early Access Program where people can touch and play with new pieces of functionality before they're released to the masses. The actual product functionality will be delivered through an independent mechanism, but eyes are on community to see how a group can be configured to support the kinds of interaction they're hoping for. I'm asking here because I want to know more about specific Telligent functionality, as well as general advice, for supporting this kind of group. And hearing if anyone has something like this and how that functions for them! It will be brand-new for our Product Managers so it'll definitely require a shift in mentality.

Some requirements are:

- They need feedback from 3 different audiences: potential customers, existing customers, and partners. They need all 3 audiences to provide feedback independently i.e. not interacting with one another or in a limited way.

- Product Managers need to release general announcements about the program actively reaching all participants' inboxes.

- It is an invite-only program. Not all people invited should have access to the rest of the community.

- They need all participants to ask questions and discuss the functionality.

Curious to hear other CM's thoughts on this! Also any "words of caution" happy to hear that as well to bring back to Product.