What are your top tips for keeping users engaged in a community?

Everyone is always looking for ways to keep people engaged and coming back to their community...we would love to hear your most successful ways to do this. 

  • Well crafted automated life-cycle emails, Monthly newsletters, good introduction emails, tagging experts, rewarding experts, tagging customers, rewarding customers.... I think these are the obvious things, but we should do these well and then think of other tactics to drive engagement

  • Thanks for starting some discussion here, ! I think Chris mentioned lots of great tactics that are generally applicable to lots of communities. I think we all can agree great content is one of the pillars of pretty much every community, whether we as CMs write it ourselves or our members do.

    For me, I hate the term engagement. Richard Millington from Feverbee talks about how we can get caught in the engagement trap when we're chasing numbers for the sake of getting higher engagement metrics. Rather, I ask this question to myself as what are the highest value add behaviours you're trying to persuade your members to do and how have you successfully done this With that approach, it forces you to know your goals, align them with your objectives, highlight emotions within strategy and then finally execute at the tactical level because they're all interconnected. 

    Our community is <1 year old and growth is at the top of our minds. Not just growth, but as new members come in, how do we make them feel personally welcomed and confident to ask their questions. Our focus these past few months has been the onboarding experience and building an automated journey. We're currently in the beta testing phase, but I have high hopes for retention! Since we're a closed community, our strategy right now is having the limited pool we have access to become engage in high value behaviours within their first 30 days of joining.

    A slightly different take, but I hope the specific example makes sense!