Metrics: Measuring users asking their first question in the first 30 days since joining


We're on SaaS Telligent 10 using Analytics 4.1.

I'm creating an automated onboarding journey (emails will go out through Marketo) where the overall success metric is getting a member to ask their first question in their first 30 days since joining

From what I've seen of the current Telligent analytics capability (4.1), there is no way to solve the question I'm trying to solve with existing functionality. So, I'm looking for help!

Things that make this complicated:

  • I'm not just wanting to know in 30 days, has anyone asked their question? I'm wanting to know asking first question metrics relative to each user's rolling join date.
  • I want to measure this weekly or bi-weekly
  • I need data for this before I launch the onboarding program to benchmark the efficacy

Does anyone know if this is accomplishable with any tool?

Is there metadata that is accessible (like Jive had a cloudalytics API I could access) so I can at least see if I can pull out this data?

Currently what I'm thinking based on what I know I can do, I have come up with a potential (very) manual workaround:

  • Export csv from admin > members > filter by date ie join between [x and x] 
  • Export this csv weekly, track names in spreadsheet
  • Once that week of new users hits ~30 days (4 weeks), manually look up their activity and see if they have asked a question (in this view I can associate dates with actions)
    • OR
  • Compare the names to everyone who has received Ask a Question 1 badge (not able to associate dates with actions, but a grouped view)
  • Repeat these actions every week


  • Hey - this sounds like a great initiative to go after the 90%!

    idk if you've looked into the Rules engine in the Admin console but it's rather robust. I haven't tried it but just looked to see if you could leverate it to automate some things.

    One of my fave things about it is based on a behavior (hopefully they have the one you need), you can send a system (conversation) message to the user, automagically and get them re-engaged... based on a period of time from the time they joined, or the amount of time since their last login.

    Here's a rough example (again, idk if it'd work)

  • Thanks for replying so quickly!! I have looked into the rules engine! I decided to not use the Rules engine for the first iteration of the onboarding journey as it's primarily based around email and the rules engine does not have the metrics I need to monitor success. Things I'll get from the email software will be open, click through and unsubscribe rates as I need to know - are people even reading this?!

    If the rules were capable of pulling of metadata and sending ME an email of if a user had asked a question (time range: 30 days since they first joined), then that would be helpful for my question!

    I think adding another activity-based or content-based layer after I implement the basic onboarding email nurture will enhance the onboarding, but at this moment my challenge is getting the metrics I need to measure success

  • I would be curious to hear how your onboarding journey has worked out in the time since you posted this question...