Share Best Practices to Track Member Engagement using Telligent Analytics or Free Google Analytics tools?

I'm hoping others might share what enagement metrics they track using built in or Free tools. Currently, we perform manual calculations that are cumbersome and not necessarily helpful. Overall, Im looking for strategic tips on what type of things you can easily track (non-manually) and why you feel those constitude engagement. We're on 8.5

A FEW Things we are intersted in tracking are:

Email notification open rates (Many of our users view forums via email, is there ANY way to track these if they dont (eg) reply?)
Lower levels of Engagement (Pageviews by group or forum)
Individual Member Activity (Most Active Members in Each Group by type of activity- like, vs. reply vs. post)
Overall Likes by Group, etc.

  • Hi Rachelle,

    Know it is a while since you posted it, so I don't know if you came to a conclusion on your own.

    Personally I have been using Google Analytics only, up till now.

    While Google is free and quite easy to get to give a lot of great numbers, then it's not really great with Telligent.This is mostly due to the fact that the google really doesn't know what is a group and what a forum or blog etc. And they don't know who are members and who are just visitors. So when it comes to active users yes, but no data on members.

    It doesn't give you the same information. In Google you only see who view an actual URL. In Telligent they count more than just URL views. A blog post for example can be viewed both on the post URL and sometimes on the blog homepage, where it also counts as a view. And when users read the post via email subscriptions (the is a little tracker in the email). And you can see exactly who viewed which post.

    Doing the same in Google Analytics is only partial possible. It would require a lot of additional tracking, including some to inform Google about the membership ID's, which require users to be told in your site terms, with opt-out options. If found that it would require a lot of work to get to work.

    So instead I'm now using the Telligent Analytics package. And although I only had it working for a day now, then it already answers so many of my requests. And I can change it to show it almost as I like using Widgets.

    But I would like integrate some of the numbers from Google, like how much time each user spend on the site, which is not available in TC.

    One of my colleges did a pretty ok stat page in PowerBI, combining Google Analytics AND the normal REST API from Telligent. But it was very slow and not all too useful. Now with the Analytics package, then I'm sure he will make this even better. Even if it meant to get the data from GA into TC via Widgets.

  • Hi , would you be able to share any more about how your colleague tied the stats to PowerBI, using data extracted from the API (if I understood correctly)? We would like to visualize some analytics in an outside reporting tool as well. Ideally we would programmatically extract the data from Telligent without continually manually exporting the CSVs from the native reporting tool. Thanks if you have any insights to share.