SAML Authentication

Plugin Version 4.10.x compatible with Verint Community 10.x and Up (see branch Telligent7 in GitHub for older version support)

What is the SAML Authentication Plugin
This plugin allows your community to receive a SAML tokens via HTTP POST at a new endpoint / route ( ~/samlresponse ). will receive, validate and unpackage the SAML token and repackages it in a way compatible with the out of the box IOAuthClient extensibility features. It supports SAML 1.1 HTTP POST and SAML 2.0 HTTP POST bindings, configurable AuthN request scenarios, has several options for handling logout scenarios.

Additional documentation can be found at:

SAML Binding Support

  • SAML 2.0 HTTP Post

SAML AuthN support

  • IDP Initiated
  • Redirect / HTTP GET (XML signatures not supported in current code)
  • HTTP POST (with optional XML signature)
  • WSFederation


  • Internal (local forms authentication logout)
  • External (logout preformed by external URL; must destroy the forms auth cookie or call ~/samllogout)
  • IFrame (logout form calls into remote url to log out of IDP)
  • WSFederation signout requests are supported (requires a custom IPlatformLogout extension)

To use this plugin, your SAML token must support the following claims (exact claim paths can be configured in the plugin)

  • Username (must be unique)
  • Email Address (must be unique)
  • Display Name (optional)

There are also extensibility points for custom username and display name handling during the authentication life-cycle.

Please refer to the Wiki in our GitHub repository for more extensive documentation.

A note on existing users:
If you have existing users in your database or create users outside of the SAML workflow (e.g., via the Administration area or REST) those Users will need to know the username and password used to create the account so they are able to link their Verint Community user with their SAML user identity. (To support this ability users need a custom ISamlOAuthLinkManager extension)