Export Wiki Pages to PDF

This plugin/widget combo will allow you to export a WIki Page or an entire Wiki to a PDF file.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Deploy all files from the install package's bin directory to the bin folder of your Web directory.
  2. Do the same for all files from the install package's JobServer directory to the root of your Job Service folder.
  3. Recycle the Community site's Application Pool and restart the Job Service.
  4. Import the widget named WikiExportToPdf-Widget into the Telligent Community Widget Studio (Administration > Interface > Widgets > Import).
  5. Enable the plugin named Telligent Services - Wiki Export or Export Wiki To Pdf (usually located under Administration > Interface > Widget APIS > Export Wiki To Pdf).
    1. Optionally, set the URL of the image you would like to have displayed in the header of the PDF document.
  6. Navigate to the Wiki you want to be able to export to pdf and put the widget named Wiki - Export to Pdf on the page (Pencil > Edit Group Theme > Edit this Page).

Additional Notes:

  • This version only allows users in the "Administrators" role to be able to export to PDF.
  • If you configure the plugin to include a logo in the PDF file, it appears in the top right corner.  An image with a little padding around the outside works best.
  • The URL of the page being exported is shown at the bottom of the page.