Social CRM and Marketing Automation

DailyStory’s Social CRM and Marketing Automation platform sync's with your Verint Community. Using DailyStory’s powerful segmentation and personalization tools you can craft targeted emails, text messages and more. Plus with DailyStory's analytics tools you can see customer journeys and report on segment activity.

How can I use this integration?

DailyStory captures members, visits and more as people participate in your Verint Community. You can use this to:

Create audience segments on Verint Community member data

Utilize DailyStory’s powerful segmentation tools to identify customers that haven’t posted or visited recently; identify customers that are highly engaged and those that aren’t; remind customers to complete their online profiles; and much more.

Create audience segments based on status, roles, visit dates, groups and virtually anything else.

Identify prospective customers

Track and follow customers through their customer journey. See which questions, topics and groups they participate in. And, together with DailyStory’s Periscope feature, you can see which companies are visiting before they convert.

Follow customer journeys through your community to see where they convert and where they drop off.

Run more effective welcome campaigns

Verint Community sends an email when a new member joins, but with DailyStory integration you can expand the welcome process with rules, automations, drip emails or text messages and more to provide a more robust welcome experience.

Build drip campaigns to send customers welcomes and follow-ups as they onboard into your community.

Re-engage previous inactive members

Identity community members that haven’t visited the community within a specific range of time, such as the past 3 months, and send targeted communication to re-engage them.

Easily build segments to organize your community members. For example, identify members that were previously active participants, i.e. have posts, but haven't visited in the last 6 months.

Run marketing and sales campaigns

Mine your community membership for new sales opportunities or to provide members with specific product updates.

Analyze the community

Use DailyStory’s suite of simple to understand reports to see how your community is performing.

What does it cost?

Pricing starts at $799/mo with a $1,500 initial setup fee.

Where do I learn more?

Visit our website at or our Verint Community feature page.