Telligent Community End User Documentation

The Telligent Community End User Documentation details how to both use Telligent Community as well as how to setup, configure and manage Telligent Community.

Telligent Community 10.0

Telligent Community provides powerful tools to automate custom business practices, gamify participation, recognize community MVPs, and increase site security. This release also provides authentication, activity story, upgrade, content embedding, and extensibility enhancements.

Automate custom business practices

Telligent Community business rules accomplish one-time custom changes or workflow automation without costly outside code development. A friendly wizard interface leads you through rule creation to obtain your specific objectives.

In addition to awarding points or achievements (as noted in the following sections), business rules can automate:

  • Abuse flagging.
  • Adding a new user to a role.
  • Templated email or notifications, such as to a content liker and author.
  • Bookmarking liked content.
  •  Welcome emails to new users.
  • And more.

Telligent Community's business rules help drive engagement by personalizing communications and reinforcing community participation. 

Gamify participation

Community participation becomes both competitive and fun using Community's reputation points and achievements. Both are tied to business rules and use customized triggers and rewards. Reputation points and achievements can be dynamically awarded or removed.

The gamification features of this release are designed to: 

  • Enhance the member experience by increasing camaraderie and competition.
  • Reward participation and engagement.
  • Confer recognition for expertise.
  • Capitalize on content popularity.
  • Increase the community's reputation as a place to see and be seen.

Recognize MVPs

Reputation points

Reputation points dynamically reflect a member's community standing at any given time, and are customizable. If the member's reputation is high enough (that is, in the top 50% of the community), this standing is displayed to other members in the user-hover. 

The points contain a combination of facets:

  • Participation - Determined by points awarded according to the rules engine.
  • Activity - Determined by actions in applications.
  • Quality - Encompasses best content scores.
  • Citizenship - Incorporates abuse reporting and creation.

Each facet is factored into an equation that determines a relative standing score signifying the member's reputation. 

The reputation system is customizable and has weightable factors to reflect the values you consider most important for your community.

This feature replaces the Membership Points System of previous releases.


Achievements are awarded for specific milestones, such as creating your first forum post within the community. They are tied to business rules in that rules award the achievement. (Achievements replace the rank badges of previous releases.) Achievements themselves are badges signifying the milestone. The badge is visible to community participants. 

Increase site security

Site security is a theme in this release, with the following changes included:

  • You can lock down authentication to only passworded access.
  • A new LDAP plugin makes sign-on secure, customizable, and extensible. 
  • Cookie authentication provides new encryption methods.
  • Sign-on can be restricted to authenticated users.
  • Cookie and forms authentication methods have member information moved to plugins.
  • New security enhancing HTTP headers added by default, along with the ability to add additional custom HTTP headers through the control panel.

Other enhancements

 Two new encryption methods have been added to Cookie authentication. 

Activity stream. It's now possible to target specific groups when authoring a status message, and easier to select alternative potentially preferable applications when authoring a post. Status messages can also be promoted to forum threads or media posts as necessary.

Theme migration. A theme utility can migrate customized theme changes to the Social theme. 

Points migration. When upgrading, existing point factors (such as the number of points awarded for a post) are migrated as rules and existing points are migrated in a single point transaction.

Embedded content. You can embed rich content inside of an application. Telligent Community comes with embeddable polls.

Extensibility. New APIs let you develop rules and create embeddable content applications.