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over 3 years ago

Subscribe to tags

While we are looking at Tags based on  idea on moderation, I would like to consider the concept of subscription to tags.  Tagging is becoming more commonplace and could work similarly to the recently added @mention feature for community members.  This would be the ability out of the box for users to have an interface and logic to subscribe to tags.  The concept is any user could subscribe to a tag that would generate notifications (in system and emails) that would then tell them about a trending topic (i.e. tag).

  • Hi  If you are interested in tagging improvements you may want to view my idea about editing tags without editing content. https://community.telligent.com/community/i/ideas_and_improvements/update-tags-without-editing-the-content

  • +10 for this!

    I love this idea. I'm passionately in favor of any feature the empowers us to provide community members with another "opt-in" engagement hook.

    Imagine if we could have this as part of the onboarding process we guide new users through... encouraging them to "subscribe" to tags of interest. And let's say a new member subscribes to 5 tags that interest them. Now, whenever someone uses that tag, a copule great things happen:

    1. All users who subscribed to that tag would get a notifications which hooks them back into the community
    2. All users who subscribed to that tag are being delivered, on a silver platter, exactly the type of community content that interests them!

    mentioned that it was not heavily utilized when they released a custom implementation of this. I can definitely appreciate that sentiment. I think the successful utilization of this feature is highly dependent on the type of community that is leveraging the tool. I can think of a handful of communities where it would be underutilized, at best. But I think the larger determining factor is based on EXECUTION of the feature. The first part of execution comes as effective EDUCATION on the value proposition from Telligent to its community leaders (a train the trainer type education model). The next part of execution is EDUCATION from community leaders to their communities.

    If this tool was available and I understood the value proposition of it and how it could help my members, and maybe was empowered by Telligent on some best practices for onboarding members to using this new feature, then I think the feature would definitely see much more utilization.

    e.g. I may create an engaging video with some examples that would really resonate with my audience that I know better than anyone, and show members how to use the new tool. If they want to sharpen their skills on a subject of interest, they might want to subscribe, or if they love sharing their knowledge about a subject on which they're an expert, then subscribe! Perhaps we'd host a webinar to tell people about it and have some examples highlighting the value prop for members. Maybe we'd send a community-wide announcement... "Never miss an important post! and draw users into a blog post that highlights the new feature with some tutorial videos embedded. #foodforthought

  • I have used RSS for this... not sure if that is similar to what you are looking for, but as an example, you can get all data tagged with "group" on this site using community.telligent.com/searchrss

  • We actually wrote a custom module for this exact functionality and have preliminary plans on depreciating it in our next release...Not to say that it wouldn't work for other communities, but for us,  it was not heavily utilized.