Under Review
over 4 years ago

Progress indicator for Achievements

For certain achievements where you need x number of answers, likes, etc, it would be nice to know how far you are away from the next one.  Say I have 70 verified answers and the next achievement requires 100...  If I view that achievement, it should tell me:

This achievement requires 100 verified answers.  You need 30 more.  It should also be smart enough to be able to string achievements together in a series such as Know it all I, II, III and let you know how far you are from the next one.

  • I would like to add that achievements are rule based. A rule can contain more than one argument. So for instance: You need 50 likes and 10 posts for your next level. This means that progress is not a single argument index but depends on the arguments in the rule.

    A nasty detail in the 10.1 release is that a rule with more than 5 arguments will crash. Hope that that is fixed by the time this idea is executed

  • Reason I brought this one up is the custom gamification/badging system I coded for our community has this ability, however it was coded when we were on 7.6 before achievements were part of the platform, and then ported over to 8.5. Our system is 100% custom (although it conforms to the Plugin API and is upgrade safe) and does not take advantage of the rules engine, which, when we upgrade to 9.x, I'd like to be able to use the platform features and eliminate custom code ;)

  • I like it Phil, along with that # of total verified answers, # suggested answers would also have merit.  

  • You know... I was thinking about something this morning along these lines. Your proactive, what-do-I-need-to-get-there approach is a good one -- what I thought about was having a breakdown of what you have posted in your profile. Currently, all you see is points, but seeing things like the summary (each of) # forum posts, # blog articles, # wiki articles, # ideas, # files uploaded, etc. would be nice, too. I didn't mention anything (yet) as I didn't think it had merit on its own (yeah, you MAY be able to get something like that from search), but something in conjunction with this idea might be worthwhile... or not?