over 2 years ago

Interesting suggestion but there are no plans to make this type of change. While it's supported to allow both thread types in a single forum setup, most configurations are either discussion or question only. Even from the discussion below a feature like this could do more harm than good or create an awkward interaction.  

Forum posts that end with ? should be auto-set as questions

For example, when posting a question in our forum we support both discussions and q/a.

If I post "How do I change the theme?" we should automatically make this a question.

  • As long as the user may opt-out of a question, pre-selecting the format when Q&A is the default seems like a good compromise of convenience and control.

  • The idea certainly has merit in the use case where the forum supports Discussion and Question formats and Discussion is selected (as the default or selected by the member) and there is a question mark as the last character. That will not have impact on any other scenario, would it? Also, would this involve switching the Discussion radio button to Question as the visual cue? If so, would that happen when focus moves out of the Subject field? Would there be a tool tip or notification that this was done to increase the obviousness? Could the member still override this if they are bent on making the thread a discussion? (I actually have seen that...)

  • Any time software tries guessing the user's intent, there's a chance of generating frustration instead of benefiting the user. I would prefer a prompt so the user is still in control.

  • Some discussions threads could end with a ? in the title or post though (or some people with bad grammar could end a title for a discussion with a ? too).

    I think a prompt would be a better option "Is this a question or a discussion?". Give the user the choice.

  • I like the idea and in the case a forum is set as a Discussion Forum only, and a user asked a question that ended with ?,  then we may need to provide the user a suggested Q&A forum with an option to post to the suggested Q&A forum.  Perhaps allow group owners/moderators to select one or more Q&A forum(s).