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over 1 year ago

Community Source the "most wanted reports"

While we now have standard reports, every community manager has to report on different things. For example, a report about "How many questions have NOT been answered and who asked that question?" Ideally you would want a Report Builder Studio (see other idea) but until such time, why not use the Telligent dev capacity to reports that the community deems necessary.

  • Hey . We had our User Group NL yesterday and this was raised. The reports are huge improvement but every customer needed to report on other components as part of their KPIs. It is an idea. If many feel this way, then the reports can only get better. If not, then I am a minority and other things are more important. The category is not something I am hung up on.

  • Hey this may be better suited for the Strategy section so that others can chime in on what reports are most useful to them, then we can put an idea here for those. What do you think?

    The current reports we have today come from conversations we've had with numerous customers over the years to get a set of "standard" reports that seemed to overlap the most. As you mention, almost every CM has something unique they need to report on so your other idea of a reporting studio may be valid (technical feasibility beyond me at this time). We're continuing to focus on reporting as a priority to expand on what we have today, more to come on this as its available.