TE-9533: As a user I can post a blog on behalf of another user (ghost authoring) has been completed for 11.0.0

Allow user to publish blog post as another user

The Telligent blog posting is fairly simple at the moment.  However in real life blog posts are not written and published by one person.  The process for writing, editing, reviewing, etc. can involve multiple people.  As a simple example the SME may email a post to the blog manager who adds it to the system.

Currently there no way to allow Person A to draft a post in Outlook/Word (i.e., outside of the platform) and forward to Person B for review and publishing so that it looks like Person A actually created and posted it.

  • We wrote a plugin that did this exact thing.  It was called PublishOnBehalf - the solution was each blog had a list of usernames that were able to be published on behalf of.  A user could select post as "Myself" or as anyone else in the list.  The plugin simply would add temporary author permissions, push the post as that user, then revoke the permission.