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We are here and listening to your feedback. While we can't get to every idea right away, we are reviewing each one and carefully evaluating how it will help you and all of our customers.

In the area below, take a look at some of our most popular items that we are currently reviewing or have planned to implement soon! Vote on the ones you feel would most benefit the product and you!

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  • Auditing of user interaction and changes

    • Site
    One of the things; in particular intranet customers ask for; is the ability to have a log of who's done what. This allows them to firstly have an audit trail to meet any legal requirements and secondly allows them to identify security breaches.
  • Subscribe to tags

    • Not categorized
    While we are looking at Tags based on Erik P. Ernst idea on moderation, I would like to consider the concept of subscription to tags. Tagging is becoming more commonplace and could work similarly to the recently added @mention feature for community members...
  • Add the ability to share content across different groups.

    • Not categorized
    Add the ability to share content across different groups. That way, only one current version of the content is needed, and can be easily updated and versioned as needed. But to the end user the content displays as it is hosted in the group, with the...
  • Progress indicator for Achievements

    • Member Profiles
    For certain achievements where you need x number of answers, likes, etc, it would be nice to know how far you are away from the next one. Say I have 70 verified answers and the next achievement requires 100... If I view that achievement, it should tell...
  • Update Tags Without Editing the Content

    • Forum
    Currently if you want to add a tag to a piece of content you have to click Edit, add the tag and type is a reason for editing the content. THE IDEA: Make tags editable without having to actually edit the content. Tags can be added to permissions as...
  • You've gone offline message

    • Site
    This message causes quite a lot of confusion for users, I would suggest that rather than presenting the message it is only shown when key features are accessed on a page such as notifications, trying to post etc.
  • Break site-level administrator role into sub-roles for managing members, groups, etc.

    • Not categorized
    Historically, Telligent Community contains a single role for all administrative tasks. If we want to delegate a portion of the administrative tasks to others, we can't do it without granting them full administrative permissions. This is not comfortable...
  • Subscribe to Wikis

    • Wiki
    We would like to see the option for users to subscribe to a Wiki (not just individual Wiki pages). This would allow the user to be notified when new wiki pages are posted, and would then be consistent with the subscription options for other applications...
  • Wiki Draft vs. Review and Publish

    • Not categorized
    We need the ability for Wiki authors to create and update a Wiki page in a draft status. Wiki Admins can review and publish them. Currently, we are using Telligent Wikis but unfortunately the authors have to use another system for drafting and reviewing...
  • Add privacy indicator to group icons

    • Groups
    Quite frequently people get a scare as they see a group that they doubt should be seen by others. They then have a pavlov reaction to shut it down. It is not immediately clear what the privacy setting of a group is hence people do not trust to share in...