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Show User REST API not working if my username is a number


We have our web pages integrated with telligent user REST API from long time. Whenever a new user registers for our web page, we provision an account in telligent with the same userId with which he registered for our web site. When required, we make use of show User REST API to display the profile fields such as avatar for profile picture etc...


Recently we come across an issue when one of our customers registered with the username 732 which is a number. Account provisioning in telligent worked fine for him, but show User REST API always returning "User not found" error. This is because the API misunderstanding the username as telligentId just because it is an integer. Can some one suggest an easy way to resolve this issue.


Using "List user API with Usernames as queryparam" instead of "show User API" is one of the solutions that will fix this issue as far as i understand, but that solutions requires a bigger change at our side. I am looking for other alternatives.