How do I add the date in a forum thread list overview (on the right side).

Hello, as described in the subject, I want to add the date the post is created to the forum thread list.

If that is not possible, how do I add the date/timestamp of the latest reply/update in the overview of the forum threads?

Or can I add both the date the post is created AND the timestamp (of x hours/day/years ago) of the latest reply/update in the overview of the forum threads?

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  • Is your current version of the Thread List widget customized? If so, it would identify this in Widget Studio with a yellow "Customized" flag. Next to the flag you can view the default version as well as compare and/or revert portions of it.

    The default version of this widget for 9.x should already include the latest reply date within this following block:

    <div class="minimal cell nowrap latest">
    	#set ($latestReplyAuthorId = false)
    	#set ($latestReplyAuthorId = $thread.LatestForumReplyAuthorId)
    	#set ($isStarter = false)
    	#set ($latestUrl = $thread.Url)
    	#if ($latestReplyAuthorId && $latestReplyAuthorId > 0)
    		#set ($latestUser = $core_v2_user.Get("%{Id = $latestReplyAuthorId }"))
    		#set ($latestUrl = $core_v2_forumUrls.ForumReply($thread.LatestForumReplyId))
    		#set ($isStarter = true)
    		#set ($latestUser = $thread.Author)
    	#if ($isStarter)
    		#set ($latestFormat = $core_v2_language.GetResource('StartedFormat'))
    		#set ($latestFormat = $core_v2_language.GetResource('LatestReplyFormat'))
    	$core_v2_language.FormatString($latestFormat, $core_v2_encoding.HtmlAttributeEncode($latestUrl), $core_v2_language.FormatAgoDate($thread.LatestPostDate, false), $core_v2_encoding.HtmlAttributeEncode($latestUser.ProfileUrl), $latestUser.DisplayName)

    Specifically, it creates a cell in the table that would render a caption including the name of the latest reply author and when they replied. However, if you only wanted to render the date, the following line does that with a live-updating "ago" format.

    $core_v2_language.FormatAgoDate($thread.LatestPostDate, false)

    Other date formats are available within the $core_v2_language API as well.

  • Hello, thank you. Both the default and the current (customized) version have 'StartedFormat' . In addition, I added 'false' after the LatestPostDate as you explained ($core_v2_language.FormatAgoDate($thread.LatestPostDate, false)

    But nothing has changed... 

    What can it be?