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We are trying to upgrade from community v.9 to v.10 .We tried to switch to the Social Theme ( we have a custom theme) and we saw that all the pages are displayed differently, with a different layout, position of widgets etc. If we change all the widgets(place them correctly, reconfigure them) on every page,  and export the Social theme to a new environment, will the page changes also be saved and carried out within the theme?



  • A few things to be careful about with exporting between environments:

    1. Ensure that the source environment is a direct backup of the target environment, otherwise specific application selection/configuration in things like navigation or list filters will be lost (since the applications/groups are not the same).
    2. As much as possible, work within group defaults to define base page definitions. When editing a theme (other than the site theme), be sure to click the "Edit Default Theme" option when managing the theme to ensure you're editing the default theme. Changes within a specific group or blog, for example, are only made to that group/blog and will need to be exported individually. By keeping changes in the default theme, you're ensuring a base layout for all existing and future groups/blogs

    For more details about how themes work (types of themes, versions of themes), see




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