How to add hyphen or other valid character in Telligent Blog's Web Addresses and display in Sitecore

I have setup two blogs in the Telligent Community site with few posts in them and I have changed the Web Address for them as shown below with examples of Actual and Expected Url in the sitecore side site,

  1. Sample WebBlog

    Telligent Blog Web Address setting: Sample-WebBlog

    Sitecore Actual Url:

  2. Sitecore Expected Url: ****

  3. Telligent Side Url: http://localhost/tcdemo/administrators/b/sample-webblog/default.aspx | Crystal Report

  4. Sitecore Demo Blog

    Telligent Blog Web Address setting: Sitecore-Demo-Blog

    Sitecore Actual Url:

  5. Sitecore Expected Url:

  6. Telligent Side Url: http://localhost/tcdemo/administrators/b/sitecore-demo-blog/default.aspx

So as seen the Url changes the hypen - to _2D00 while in Sitecore and in Telligent it is completely different.

  1. So how to add hyphen or other valid url character in the Telligent Blog's Web Addresses (displayed in Sitecore) ?

  2. Also How to display the group name instead of Group ID in the url (also check the screenshot from Telligent widget below) ?

Telligent widget - Sitecore debug widget

Telligent widget - Blog widget

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