Not getting Likes for predated comment or reply using core_v2_activityStory API


Using the API core_v2_activityStory.List({ StartDate: startDateArg, EndDate: endDateArg }), we are not getting the Likes (which are liked today) for any predated comment or reply.

Any help will be appreciated.


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  • We are trying to get all the activities done in the community for a specific time interval. We are using the below method to get that.

    core_v2_activityStory.List({ StartDate: startDateArg, EndDate: endDateArg })

    For Like, if there is a predated comment/reply and we like it today, the core_v2_activityStory should fetch the particular blog/forum (whose reply/comment is liked today). That we are not getting in the above API using the correct StartDate and EndDate criteria.

  • So you're expecting that a Like on a content will update the activity story and push it to the top of the stream? Out-of-the-box, likes do not update activity stories in that way. Only "larger" actions like comments or replies on the content will push the activity story to the top again. More details on the actions that affect the Activity Stream can be seen in Administration > Activity Stream, viewing the Activity Story Types and Activity Story Updates lists.

    This could be achieved, if desired, through custom implementation of an  IActivityStoryType Plugin Type and/or  IActivityStoryUpdateIdentifier Plugin Type .