Accessibility issues on buttons of Rich text Editor

Hi Team,

As mentioned in the subject, we are facing accessibility issues on the Rich Text editor. The screenshot is mentioned below:

Even I checked the same thing in the Telligent platform with the help of Accessibility Insights tool for Web Add-on and found the same issue is occurring here as well.

Are we going to resolve this issue on version 10.3 or have to wait for the next release?

Rahul Jetli

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    We're facing one more issue with this Rich Text Editor. Accessibility team users can't access all the tools such as Edit, Insert, View Format, tools and etc. via tab key or caps + arrow key. So Rich text editor is failing in Accessibility. 
    The accessibility team isn't able to access Rich Text Editor features. They only can write their comments until they don't have access to the options.

    I checked it too on the Telligent platform.

    Can you please confirm this issue as well?