Link formatting in a wiki page

A developer is including some links in a wiki page for reference for our developers and our clients, and one of the links will not take on the link format (clickable, etc.). He's asking why and I don't find this in the docs. My guess is that it's one or more of these reasons? 

  • The link requires VPN access
  • The link has .local in it (
  • The link has a statement like this at the end: /define?grain=patient

If you can help me explain this to the user, thank you! 

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[edited by: Sherri Vance at 3:24 PM (GMT 0) on Fri, Mar 26 2021]
  • URLs in content are subject to the URL validation rules defined in Administration > Moderation > Content Filtering > URL Validation as well as the Content Filtering configuration for the specific type of content (in Administration > Applications > Content > [Select content type] > Filtering > URL Validation).

    By default, IP addresses, local hostnames, and hosts that resolve to internal IP addresses are not allowed.