Downloaded Calendar event (ICS File) is not showing few special characters even after encode

Hi Telligent Team,

I'm taking value from the user as mentioned below:

#set($title = $core_v2_page.GetFormValue('Title'))

In which, Users written some special characters as apostrophe ('), quotes ("), Ampersand (&), greater than or less than symbol (<>) which is appearing fine in page but when we downloaded that event as a .ics file then it shows HTML code for these characters in Calendar.

I also tried to format it ($title) with HTMLEncoding with some of API's such as $core_v2_encoding, $core_v2_ui, $core_v2_widget methods which is provided in Telligent version 10 but still getting &amp; &quot; &#39; &lt; &gt;

Can anybody help me on this?

Version Details:

Rahul Jetli

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  • I added export link as "group_Url/calendar/event/id/export" to save as a ICS file. So whenever the User clicks on that particular link to save or directly open an event  in the Calendar app it has shown an event along with the HTML code for the below character: 

    &gt; &amp; &quot; &#39; &lt; 

    > & " ' <