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I am trying to figure out a way to create two different set of Idea statuses for different groups. I see only one master list in the admin panel. Has anyone done this before?


MW Group is using Ideas and the statuses relate to review and implementation by our company. (Under review, Approved, In Development)

I need to create new statuses for a new group that relate to projects being submitted and accepted by our community. (New Project, Thumbs Up, Highly Rated, etc.)

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  • Idea statuses are set at the community level and aren't aware of the specific group in which they are used. The only possible way to work around that behavior that I can think of offhand is to create a copy of and customize the Ideas - Create/Edit Idea Status widget.

    The customization would need to define a list of allowed idea statuses for each group:

    #set($groupSpecificStatuses1 = ['one','two'])

    Then prior to rendering the available statuses check which group it was in:

    #foreach ($status in $telligentIdeas_v1_statuses.List())
        #if ( $ == 4 )

    and then compare the status list you defined with those returned by the system (showing only those that passed that check).

    #foreach ($status in $telligentIdeas_v1_statuses.List())
        #if ( $ == 4 )
            #foreach ($groupSpecificStatus in $groupSpecificStatuses1)
                #if ( $status.Key == $groupSpecificStatus)
                    <option value="$status.Key" #if($idea.Status.Key == $status.Key || ($idea.Status.Key == '' && $status.IsDefault))selected="selected"#end>$status.Name</option> 

  • Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the quick reply. I want to make sure that I understand your response. I would have to update the HTML for the Ideas widget with code similar to above that contains the proper values? 

  • 1) Thank you for the well wishes and I hope you are doing well also!

    2) I'm going to let the way smarter than me guy reply, but I believe he is saying create a copy of the default widget, so its a new widget that in essence sits alongside the default one. Its definitely an immediate workaround to being able to do this, just a bit of configuration/code know-how to hammer it out.

    3) I think we had an Idea posted for this, but it may have just been another thread. Either way, I'm going to look and can create one if nothing turns up!

  • Yes, that is correct. Because the statuses are defined at the community level and are unaware of the group/idea under which they exist we have to scope the widget code to only show the ones we want.

    In order to walk through what you're needing better, and to make sure I'm not missing anything, can I get a call scheduled with you today or tomorrow?

  • It would be great to post this as an idea for the community to vote up.

  • Hi Michael,

    I am available to chat tomorrow anytime between 10-2pm ET. Please feel free to send me an invite.


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