YouTube playlists no longer showing in media gallery

Hey all,

We are on version 10.3.4 - prior to upgrading we were able to view YouTube playlists in the media gallery. The YouTube player functions and list of playlist videos were accessible inline using the Media gallery. Now, when I put in a playlist URL no inline video is available and I only have the ability to click the "View" button to open it in YouTube directly. 

My questions would be:

  • Am I just doing something wrong? 
  • Does anyone know why this changed? Not sure if this is coming from Telligent or from YouTube (which also recently made changes to their platform).... 
  • If on the Telligent side - is this feature coming back in newer versions? 

I much prefer to link out to the playlist as some of our products can have a large number of videos, but I would prefer that users stay in the community and have the ability to watch videos directly and not venture out.