How to have a complex layout

Hi friends,

I'm new to Telligent (I come from a WordPress background).

We would like to have a layout like this in several of our community static / informative / textual pages for all the users to read:

The blueish area would be a Quote (text) and the "author's image" / avatar, then the orange areas normal text.

...but it seems like we can only have very classic layouts, like the three columns layout.

How could we do it? I have been trying playing around with widgets and custom CSS to affect the page, and moving things around, but I'm wondering if there's an easier / cleaner way...


Adding information
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  • Custom layouts are not currently supported.  You could use the single column layout and create widgets that provide content for the whole page.  That will typically not be an ideal solution though, merging multiple widgets together into a single widget for each page will end up causing a lot of maintenance issues as widgets changes and are updated.