EmailDigestSubscription Get & Update Rest API Endpoint

I am trying to implement weekly email digest subscriptions for members using Rest API call to automate the process of weekly subscription.

Did some analysis on the documentation ( and did not find any solution but saying the in-process service. I wanted to check if there is a Rest API Endpoint that's available in the latest version ?

I will be using AWS Lambda functions to call the Rest API Endpoint to update with the below details


If Option 1 Rest API Endpoint is still development in-progress, I would like check if we can connect to the database to update table [].[dbo].[te_EmailDigest_Subscription]  to implement the Weekly  Email Digest functionality. 

I will update table with values [SubscriptionId] ,[UserId] ,[Context] ,[ContextId] ,[DateCreatedUtc] ,[Frequency] I want to known whether Telligent can open a connection for Hg AWS server using a secure port/key to connect to Telligent database?

Can you please provide guidance around this or any any help document will be useful

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  • Hi Madhu ,

    You need to run the in-process api in the user context 

    Apis.Get<IUsers>().RunAsUser((int)UserID, () =>
        var subscription = Apis.Get<IEmailDigestSubscriptions>().GetByGroup(groupId);
        if (subscription != null)
         Apis.Get<IEmailDigestSubscriptions>().Update((int)subscription.Id, frequency);
         Apis.Get<IEmailDigestSubscriptions>().Create("group", groupId, frequency);