Authentication is being lost

About two weeks ago, we upgraded our community from 10.1.10 to, everything went smooth until a couple of users started to complain about losing their sessions. These users have an intense use of the community by clicking around and opening several tabs on the browser; before the upgrade we didn't heard about a case like this. The common scenario where this is happening, occurs when users have several tabs opened  and perform different tasks among them (doesn't happens too often and certainly not too many times per day) A few things to have in mind:

  • We are on a Load Balancer configuration
  • The Database Message Bus is enabled and the diagnostics doesn't show errors.
  • The Socket Message Bus Service is disabled (and it was before the upgrade)
  • The machine keys are shared among web app servers.
  • We have an external authentication method using OAuth (and it was there before the upgrade for almost a year)
  • The Web.config hasn't changed except for the new few entries available in 10.3.2

Yesterday we had two reports about this and we are running out of ideas on why this could be happening. Any suggestions would be great.


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